Crazy Monkey’s Performance Evaluation Structure

crazy-monkey-defense-boxingCRAZY MONKEY DEFENSE is a performance based modern martial arts system. As such evaluation of both trainers and students are grounded in the real application, and ability to deploy the CMD system against a resisting opponent (s). This is mainly accomplished through sparring performance.

There is a lot of debate in the modern martial art world between sport and street. Pundits of the street approach suggest that sparring is nothing like the street. This shows not only their ignorance but their own total misunderstanding of what a street fight entails (and what it actually looks like). Setting up ‘street fighting’ drills, is still a drill (they are therefore relatively known, with reasonable expectation of an outcome). Sparring on the other hand, when allowed to be free, has all the main ingredients one will encounter on the street — chaos, unpredictability, and the internal dynamics such as fear, doubt etc, that one needs to overcome in order to win. The athletic based of sparring teach’s a person distancing, timing, endurance, tenacity, strategy, tactics and personal game strengths, all crucial to surviving a street encounter. Because of CMD’s focus on a striking platform that transfers to the street, little or no adjustment is required in physical technique for that environment. Those adjustments are taught in CMD’s extension CIA program. In addition any Trainer wanting to specifically focus on teaching their students self-preservation, have to pass through an additional performance layer and requirements to do so (this is beyond Crazy Monkey’s Glove ranking structure).

Both trainers and students are therefore evaluated on their ability to perform CMD principles and techniques in actual live sparring. The main difference between a trainer and student, is that a trainer must also know how to teach that material being applied in sparring. We make no distinction in level of skill between trainer and student, both are required to meet the same performance requirements.

The Evaluation Process

As noted earlier the evaluation of trainers and students are the same, with the exception that trainers must also know how to teach the material being applied. Watching a trainer perform that material in live sparring, is often the simplest way of measuring their understanding of the game they need to teach.

Crazy Monkey is divided into two main components:

Technical Proficiencies

Game Performance

Technical proficiencies refer to the theory, techniques and drills that are taught in preparation for sparring performance. Game performance is the intentional application of those technical proficiencies in various live sparring processes. Sparring may take on many forms in CMD, from isolating specific parts of the game, to specific scenarios (e.g. multiple attackers) — but to be recognised for game performance, and achieve glove ranking, can only be done in live sparring. Live parring is often defined by a specific focus on parts of the fight game, for example CM1 Distance Game, CM2 Midline Game, CM3 CQB game or a combination of all three.

Crazy Monkey’s Glove Ranking System

crazy-monkey-glove-ranking-certificationThe evaluation structure in CMD for both trainers and students centre around our Glove Ranking System. There are two parts to glove ranking,

Technical Proficiency Recognition: Each glove ranking (with the exception of golden gloves) has three tiers of proficiency (or what we call glove laces). The gaining of each ‘lace’ demonstrates a students and or trainers ability to adequately demonstrate the technical aspects of the game they are working on (often defined by modules). The achievement of a lace is also predicated on time spent training, and commitment to the learning process. After three laces, clients and or trainers typically spend a considerable amount of time on developing their game performance proficiencies in preparation for the glove ranking evaluation.

Game Performance: All glove rankings in CMD consist of what we term laces. Laces are awarded for specific ‘technical’ achievements gained along the path of training. On the completion of three technical game boxing laces, each student and or trainer is then allowed to test for game performance. This means they have to proficiently demonstrate what they had previously learned in their technical proficiency training, but now in live sparring. No glove ranking can be achieved without engaging in the live sparring process, and without adequately demonstrating the ability to apply all previous technical proficiencies in that sparring evaluation process.

White Gloves

White Gloves focuses on teaching CM’s outside game. Here the focus is on developing correct distance management, long range striking, CM1 hand defense, and the specific strategies and tactics for that range.

Bronze Gloves

Bronze Gloves focuses on the seamless integration of the CM1 (outside), CM2 (midline) and CM3 (close quarter) games. Much of the time here is spent perfecting these skils in live sparring. In addition a focus is placed on developing the necessary mental game for the fight.

Blue Gloves

Blue Gloves focuses on CM’s midline game. Here the focus is on taking the fight to the opponent, including the CM2 hand defense, midline striking, and the strategies and tactics for that range.

Silver Gloves

Silver Gloves continues from Bronze Gloves. A student is now required to develop an advanced level of sparring skills, that not only incorprates all three of Crazy Monkey’s fight games, but eqaully the mental game to apply those skills against our top athletes. In otherwords a Silver Glove practicioner must be able to spar, and excel against our Golden Glove athletes.

Purple Gloves

Purple Gloves focuses on the close quarter battle range. Here the focus is on striking effectively out of the clinch, as well as how to avoid it. In addition students are now taught CM’s Straight Jacket Clinch game.

Golden Gloves

Reserved for the most advanced practicioner. This is Crazy Monkey’s ‘Black Belt’ and can only be achieved by demonstrating a mastery level in performance skill in applying the entire Crazy Monkey Defense system. For every 2 years, and based on performance an additional lace is awarded (you could think of these as degrees).

Maintenance & Performance Improvement

All Trainers (and students) are required to keep their current level of performance skill in live sparring in order to retain their glove ranking status. Trainers, and or students wanting to move up a glove ranking, have to continue to develop, and exceed their current level of performance. Trainers are assessed yearly on their game performance. Trainers who fail to keep their current performance standards stand the chance of loosing their current glove ranking. We take performance seriously, and more so, we expect our Trainers to be authentic in their representation of Crazy Monkey. In other words if you asking your students to be able to perform, and be real, then as a trainer you have to be that first.