For 90% of human history we banded together, hunted, protected, and forged the warrior spirit. And suddenly with the advent of modernity that all changed. But what hasn’t changed is the ancestral call, encoded deep in our DNA, to embrace our primal nature, crying out to once again invoke the warrior spirit hidden deep within all of us.

In Crazy Monkey we believe martial arts without a philosophy is just violence. In Crazy Monkey we believe in the potency of combining innovative physical technique with warrior wisdom, with one single minded mission; helping our clients prepare for the martial arts of everyday life.

We understand the importance of a warrior’s self-discipline. Whilst we will help you achieve your goals in fitness, health and self defence, our unique philosophy will give you the tools to handle your life and workplace conflicts more skilfully by connecting mindfully to your inner warrior spirit. In this way, not only will you learn to defend yourself, but equally build inner and outer strength.

Whilst Crazy Monkey has been taught to world class athletes, law enforcement and special force military operators – crucially what makes the program stand out, is that it is a REAL world modern martial art experience, that is accessible, and easily learned by all. The entire program has been designed to allow anyone to develop real martial skill in less than 2-hours a week, but crucially, what they learn in those couple of hours, will equally aid them in life – in the 23-hours of every day they are not training Crazy Monkey with us.

We pride ourselves on having a Zero Meathead policy in all our schools, and we strongly believe that true martial performance arises when the environment one trains in is personally challenging, but not hyper-competitive, where measurement of success, is only in being better than you were yesterday.

Bottom line, we coach our students how to master their embodied intelligence so that they can survive hostile mind-sets, and are physically and mentally resilient to fight against all of life’s challenges.

Play without ego, challenge without competition