“Rodney King is years ahead of his time, he has taken his martial arts to the level of budo, where few dare to go. I am a big fan.”

Geoff Thompson – Legendary Martial Artist, Playwright & BAFTA Award Winning Author

Nope that’s not some kind of reverse sales pitch, I really mean it.

Anyone joining our Trainers Team needs to know that Crazy Monkey Defense is more than simply just teaching another person how to ‘fight’. We have some really cool professional testimonials below, that goes to show, that Crazy Monkey, and my approach goes beyond simply self-preservation.

My goal is to reengineer the modern martial arts experience. Not only do I want my Trainers to coach cutting edge self-preservation skills to their students – in addition, I want them to be able to positively impact their students lives off the mat and in the world. Not through some kind of ‘self help’ jargon, but rather cutting edge research deployed through a modern martial arts experience.

Sounds like something you may be interested in? Read the rest of this page, and if you like what you hear, set up a ZERO obligation call with me and lets not only explore your goals, but the Crazy Monkey Defense Experience itself. And YES you will talk to me personally 🙂

“With the addition of the “mental game”, Rodney King’s martial arts program has elevated itself into another dimension. The mental game takes cutting-edge Behavioral Psychology findings and through easy-to-learn techniques show you how to harness the power of your brain to get even more out of your training program. Rodney King’s program is definitely the ‘thinking man’s” approach to martial arts training.”

Dr. Richard Blonna
Author of Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness

The Crazy Monkey Experience

Look I am going to be brutally honest, for a long time all I cared about was functionality in the fight. I spent most of my formative training and researching obsessed with winning in a fight. The outcome, a robust, battle tested fighting system that has been taught and deployed by special force operators, law enforcement teams, all the way to the everyday guy and woman. In short, Crazy Monkey Defense works, when it matters most, when your life is on the line.

But…over the years, as I have grown as a person, a martial artist, and coach — I wanted my martial arts experience to be more than simply about learning the best way to fight. I could no longer simply teach others to fight too. As I began to integrate my training from the mat, street and life, I saw what I felt was the true potential of martial arts training, not simply as a physical pursuit, but equally one that aided a person in taking on the Martial Arts of Everyday Life more skillfully and win.

As such, Crazy Monkey Defense has evolved. It is still the dynamic, functional modern martial arts system it has always been, but now equally focuses on teaching students (and Trainers) how to Right Hook life.

I get that there tends to be a negative gut reaction these days when talking about training in modern martial arts as a life performance system. There has sadly been a lot of shaddy self help nonsense that has been put out there in the world of martial arts over the years. When I talk about inner game development, it is nothing like this.

Over the past several years I have undergone intensive training and learning, not only academically (at the time of writing this, I am in the midst of completing my PhD), but personally too. I take a scientific and research based approach to everything I teach in the domain of inner game development.

The Result: highly qualified Trainers, and students who have the necessary inner tools not only to become better martial artist, or the ability to develop a winning self-preservation mindset — but equally the ‘inner game’ to take on the Martial Arts of Everyday Life more skillfully.

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“Rodney King is one of the most thoughtful and innovative martial artists in the world today. By focusing on the mental aspects of learning and performance, he is redefining the way that martial arts are viewed, taught, and experienced. He knows that success in any endeavor requires more than knowledge or physical ability – that the mental game will drive the outcome. With the acumen of an experienced and mindful coach, Rodney can help you shape your future, attain your goals and perform to your full potential.”

Dr. Randy Borum
Author of Assessing and Managing Violence Risk in Juvenile

Licensing as a Crazy Monkey Trainer

Of course you want to know how it works, what you get etc.

The first stage of becoming a licensed Crazy Monkey Trainer typically takes 12 months, but it’s not a race. My first goal (and that of my Executive Team) is to ensure that you can teach the CORE Crazy Monkey method. This starts with you entering the White Gloves program and learning CMD’s outside game. Overtime you will learn the rest of the Crazy Monkey games (find out more here), with the additional option to qualify further in our Combat Intelligent Athlete self-preservation program, and our EDGE empty hand against the blade program.

While we will give you access to our online curriculum, it is crucial that you not confuse an ‘online curriculum’ for actual in-person training. We offer training events every year in the USA, Australia, SE Asia, and South Africa. It is at these events that you will gain hands on training in the Crazy Monkey Method.

In addition you will be assigned a Regional Training Director who will be your go to person for everything Crazy Monkey Defense. We also hold regular Trainer Online Conferences, as well as sharing in-depth knowledge through our Trainers only mailing list.

Bottom Line: We are here to do everything we can to help you succeed — no matter if you simply teaching out of your garage, rent space in someone’s martial arts/fitness studio, or run your own full time martial arts studio.


How much is this going to cost? It really depends on what you want to gain out of this experience. Do you want to teach full time, part time, out of your garage or run a fully branded Crazy Monkey studio? With this in mind, we have kept the cost as affordable as possible. For as little as $6 or less a day, you can teach Crazy Monkey Defense and make a positive difference in your students lives. Many of our Trainers make a living from teaching Crazy Monkey only.

Next Steps: To be honest, if you are serious about wanting to join the CMD Trainers Team set up a call with me (there’s no way to cover everything in one page). Most importantly we have trainers from all over the world, from all types of economic backgrounds — we will try our best to work out a plan that is both feasible and affordable for you. More important than money to me is that you get the CMD philosophy. This means you want to learn and teach others a modern martial arts system that is not only about developing functional fighting skills – but equally about learning how to take on the Martial Arts of Everyday Life more skillfully.

Set Up a ZERO Obligation call to discuss the CMD Trainers Program with Rodney Today

“As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. Rather than building a martial art around fear of attack, testosterone-based competition, or external rewards King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals. In a field steeped in tradition, King artfully reimagines both the dojo and the martial arts business mentality. At long last, we have a perfect union of proven martial arts techniques with cutting edge approaches to teaching and personal development. As a martial artist myself, King’s methods are a breath of fresh air.”

Dr Robert Biswas-Diener
The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology

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