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SUCCESS STORY : Collette learns from a gifted CMD warrior

Matt Hunter asked a client who has been training for just about 3 months now for a short testimonial. Here’s what he got: “The gifted warrior is one who is proud enough to know humility, wise enough to realize he doesn’t know everything, and strong enough to be gentle in his ways.” Collette Marie In […]

Phil and Jonathan
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Warrior Philosopher at Embodied Warrior Seminar – Jonathan Wild

The ‘Embodied Warrior Seminar‘ was held at Crazy Monkey PT in Darwen. Rodney King coached this as part of his Europe Crazy Monkey Trainers Conference. Here’s what Jonathan Wild, who attended the Embodied Warrior Seminar had to say about the experience. “If I’m honest it wasn’t quite what I’d expected but from the moment Rodney […]

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SUCCESS STORY: Now its “Full Contact Living” for Pieter

Every once in a while we need to be reminded about how a Crazy Monkey Coach can influence the life of a client. In this case it was a really positive influence that saved Jacques Wagner’s client Pieter from a coronary and got him to develop a better bond with his family. Here’s an extremely […]

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CMD and the difference it made to Vanessa Pinto

For a coach the most motivating aspect of teaching is when the student finds real value in what had been taught. Some find a minor difference, others find their whole lives changed as a result of the coaching. There are many inspiring stories of ordinary people associated with CMD. Here is one such story from […]