Crazy Monkey Defense: Trained, Tested and Deployed By Real World Warriors!

crazy-monkey-boxing-special-forcesFrom its inception Crazy Monkey Defense is primarily a self-preservation system. Born on the mean, unforgiving streets of Johannesburg, it has been applied in real world interpersonal violent encounters. While we have members who compete, our focus has, and still is, how to best apply our empty hand tools in the ultimate arena of self-preservation.

We believe true ‘self-defense’ is only possible if it is built upon an athletic base. This is why we focus so much of our training on sparring, and testing our skills against uncooperative opponents (not the reality based self defense demo bad guy who throws one punch, and then holds it out there).

The Truth: It is seldom that anyone will win a fight with one punch, never will someone let you just go ‘blitz’ on them without retaliating (it may look cool on YouTube, but that’s not the reality). The truth is, while you are applying your ‘self-defense’ skills, the bad guy will continue to fight back. We train specifically for an opponent who is faster than us, stronger than us, and who has no intention of quitting.

comendations1“As the head trainer for one of the US Army Special Forces Groups I have always looked for functional systems that either condition operators and instill the warrior spirit and combat related attributes or those that have direct technical application to the mission sets needed ‘down range’. To find a system that has both is a rare find and something that I immediately recognized in the Crazy Monkey Defense Program as something we crazy-monkey-special-forces-commendationNEEDED to add to our foundation of base skills. Rodney’s program is to standing what BJJ is to the ground- simple, functional, effective, non attribute based – and allows for easy modification and transference of skills to other battlefield specific skill sets. This modularity and adaptiveness is the genius of the system.I have immediately incorporated Rodney’s program into our program here in Iraq and plan on bringing Rodney to our Group back in the States in order to further integrate CIS into what we do.”

‘DD’- US Army Special Forces

The Sad Reality: most people teaching self-defence don’t truly understand what it means, what it will look like, and what is required to survive interpersonal violence. Fights are untidy, chaotic, and unpredictable. This is why Crazy Monkey is a primarily striking based program, built off a strong foundation in western boxing – approaches that have been proven to allow a person to manage the chaos of the fight effectively. This approach of striking for the street, and applying a tactical approach to range management, has made Crazy Monkey one of the most formidable self-preservation programs in existence today. Added to this, we focus on developing the necessary mental game skills needed to win when it matters most.

Crazy Monkey has been taught, and applied both on the battlefield, as well by law enforcement officers on the street. What we teach, has been field tested by the best, most knowledgeable and experienced real world warriors — giving it unmatched credibility in dealing with the realities of interpersonal violence.

More Cool Things People Are Saying About Crazy Monkey

“I am a regular Joe and I can honestly say that ANYBODY can learn from Rodney’s programs. That’s why I buy all his products and tune in everyday to the website. I have never come across a better trainer than Rodney and the CMD program. CMD for life baby!!!”

Gene Drake (Fairmont, USA)

“Attending Rodney’s Crazy Monkey is like going to another level in fighting and boxing. Rodney has showed and proved that success never comes easy only through hard work and discipline. Kudos to Rodney and his amazing Crazy Monkey Defense.”

Benjamin Liu (Singapore)

“The CMD program impressed me because of it´s simplicity and effectiveness. I´ve used the CMD hand defense in my line of work as a police officer and it is the most reliable defense against strikes that I´ve ever encountered during all my years as a martial-arts trainer.”

Marcus Björkegren (Stockholm, Sweden)

“I’ve trained in quite a few MA systems, but Rodney’s system is something special. The functionality, simplicity of form developed through his insight into MA is just mind-blowing. I’ve had the fortune of attending a few of his seminars when he came to town and he made more impact in my approach to training in those few hours than the years I’ve spent training in other systems. It’s like a whole new world!”

Gabriel Gopalan (Singapore)