A Modern Martial Arts Program Designed Not To Be Fancy – But To Work!

For 90% of human history we banded together, hunted, protected, and forged the warrior spirit. And suddenly with the advent of modernity that all changed. But what hasn’t changed is the ancestral call, encoded deep in our DNA, to embrace our primal nature, crying out to once again invoke the warrior spirit hidden deep within all of us.



Crazy Monkey Defense was developed by Coach Rodney King on the mean, and unforgiving streets of one of the most violent cities in the world – Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rodney survived government housing growing up (similar to the Projects in the USA), the schoolyard bullies, and neighbourhood gangs. After the military, he spent several years as the head doorman outside of some of the roughest nightclubs in Johannesburg, surviving 100’s of street fights. With his real world experience in surviving interpersonal violence – he codified his knowledge into an unstoppable modern martial arts system.

Crazy Monkey Defense has been taught to, and deployed by real world warriors, from Special Force Military Operators, law enforcement teams, right through to people just like you.

Crazy Monkey has been designed for, and tested not only on the streets, but on the battlefield. The result, a robust, functional, dynamic empty hand combatives system – that focuses on high percentage moves, rather than artistry.

Function over form is what makes Crazy Monkey Defense stand out. Yet, what we teach will equally teach you how to take on the Martial Arts of Everyday Life more skillfully.

Not only do we teach you how to survive, but thrive, from the streets to the boardroom!


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Combat Intelligent Athlete Show

Latest episodes of the Combat Intelligent Athlete Show, hosted by Coach Rodney King.

Word On The Street

comendations1“As the head trainer for one of the US Army Special Forces Groups I have always looked for functional systems that either condition operators and instill the warrior spirit and combat related attributes or those that have direct technical application to the mission sets needed ‘down range’. To find a system that has both is a rare find and something that I immediately recognized in the Crazy Monkey Defense’s (CMD) Combat Intelligent Soldier (CIS) Program as something we NEEDED to add to our foundation of base skills.

Rodney’s program is to standing what BJJ is to the ground- simple, functional, effective, non attribute based- and allows for easy modification and transference of skills to other battlefield specific skill sets. This modularity and adaptiveness is the genius of the system. I have immediately incorporated Rodney’s program into our program here in Iraq and plan on bringing Rodney to our Group back in the States in order to further integrate CMD’s CIS into what we do.”

‘DD’ – US Army Special Forces

crazy-monkey-commendation-2“Rodney’s mental training approach allowed every team member to reach their physical and mental potential! It also allowed everyone to keep a consistent performance level. Its effectiveness helped in particular situations where stress and frustration are a daily occurrence. Rodney has created whole mental game approach which turbo charged our self-confidence and focus under pressure. Two critical elements for the battlefield, as a team leader that I have personally enjoyed was “dealing with mental game problems” and been able to analyze them and implement a ‘purposeful thinking’ methodology. This simply opened another world for my guys and myself. The seminar was an awesome opportunity to gain new knowledge and apply it in live action. Simply, outstanding seminar. We are looking forward to seeing Rodney next year in 2008 for a follow up!!”

Slovak Spec. Op team leader aka ” JUDO”

24968_1281082865063_1169793156_30746028_8036876_n-300x225“I have taken many defensive tactics and law enforcement courses in the past and all of them deal with attacks on the low end of the force spectrum. Crazy Monkey’s Combat Intelligence Officer course is the first course I have taken that deals with realistic violent attacks on officers.”

Darrell Morrison-Deputy Sheriff, Saskatoon SK, Canada