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Are You Ready to Rock the Martial Arts of Everyday Life?

While our competitors focus on hyper-competitiveness,
and reality based paranoia — we focus rather on helping
our clients apply their martial art skills and knowledge to
the 23-hours of every day they are not on the mat training
with us.


Hi, I am Rodney King, creator of Crazy Monkey Defense,
and I believe there’s so much more to martial arts than just
ninja-like self-defense skills (though that’s cool too).
Rather, being able to roll with the punches life throws
at you — with clarity and purpose — that’s what you
really want (and need). It’s your key to rocking the
challenges — or as I like to call it — the martial arts
of everyday life.


This journey begins on the mat, through achieving peak performance in your martial art game, and then extends
out to the rest of your life. In Crazy Monkey we prepare you for Full Contact Living, be that on the mat, for the streets, or in life!

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“What Rodney covers in the Sparring Masterclass is the exact strategies and tactics that enabled me to become 4 X EFC Champion. Not only do I use the mental game approach Rodney advocates in my everyday sparring, but in the hexagon where it matters most. This is an absolutely must have series, for anyone wanting to supercharge their sparring. Great thing, it is accesbile for any level of fighter – simply you will grow into it, as your sparring grows”

– Costa Ioannou (4 X EFC Champion & Crazy Monkey Trainer)


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