At Crazy Monkey Defense, you will master modern martial arts techniques to handle tough opponents with confidence. Developed around real-world application, and designed to be learned quickly — you’ll will learn the same skills for crushing confrontation as those we have taught to special force military operators, law enforcement teams, and Crazy Monkey’s just like you from all around the world!
“I am a regular Joe and I can honestly say that ANYBODY can learn from Rodney’s programs. That’s why I buy all his products and tune in everyday to the website. I have never come across a better trainer than Rodney and the CMD program. CMD for life baby!!!”

Gene Drake (Fairmont, USA)

All you have to decide is: Where do you want to master them?

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Spend 5 amazing days with CMD Founder, Rodney King at his private, exclusive studio in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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“The CMD program impressed me because of it´s simplicity and effectiveness. I´ve used the CMD hand defense in my line of work as a police officer and it is the most reliable defense against strikes that I´ve ever encountered during all my years as a martial-arts trainer.”

Marcus Björkegren (Stockholm, Sweden)