Crazy Monkey: Forged on the Streets, Deployed on the Battlefield, used in Everyday Life!

I am Rodney King, creator of Crazy Monkey Defense. I became intimately acquainted with interpersonal violence growing up. Fighting and surviving was my bread and butter.

I was brought up in government housing on the South Side of Johannesburg (similar to the Projects in the USA). When I wasn’t surviving the schoolyard bullies, I was planning my next route to get home safely and avoid the neighbourhood gangs.

As I entered the military, and then later working the door for several years as the head doorman outside some of Johannesburg’s roughest nightclubs — the fight skills I honed laid the foundation for the Crazy Monkey Defense Program.

But beyond its practicality in self-preservation, from the battlefield to the streets, Crazy Monkey is a martial art system that will enable you to take on more than just the physical fight. Think of Crazy Monkey as kevlar for your mind, body and warrior spirit — giving your the tools to confidently take on the martial arts of everyday life and win!

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(an excerpt from his Full Contact Living Book, read by Stan Hustad)

“I am a regular Joe and I can honestly say that ANYBODY can learn from Rodney’s programs. That’s why I buy all his products and tune in everyday to the website. I have never come across a better trainer than Rodney and the CMD program. CMD for life baby!!!”

Gene Drake (Fairmont, USA)

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“The CMD program impressed me because of it´s simplicity and effectiveness. I´ve used the CMD hand defense in my line of work as a police officer and it is the most reliable defense against strikes that I´ve ever encountered during all my years as a martial-arts trainer.”

Marcus Björkegren (Stockholm, Sweden)